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Overuse of diesel generators can cause self-injury!
Time:2019.04.01 Source: Yuhuan Tongzhou Machinery Co. ltd. Clicks:

Type I diesel engine group often causes damage to the unit itself due to overuse, such as cylinder pulling and internal carbon deposition. This is a common problem, the reason - the failure to follow the normal operating procedures of the generator set. Ideally.

Diesel engine should run at least 60-75% of its large rated load. Maintaining low-load operation at full load or near full load for a short period of time is of great benefit to diesel engine internal components and carbon deposition. The engine operates under long-term low load.

It results in low cylinder pressure, - ultimately leads to insufficient combustion and the resulting low combustion pressure and temperature. This inadequate combustion results in the formation of soot and unburned fuel residues, which in turn leads to a further decrease in cylinder sealing efficiency. It aggravated the initial low pressure situation.

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